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We're unique, growing and timely


Small organisations want digital services from local, affordable experts.  So we connect them with talented young freelancers.

Solid Growth

Both commission and recurring revenues are growing and new partnerships ready to scale significantly.


Digital spend for small UK organisations is £26bn in 2017, and the freelance youth market is growing to £5bn to respond to these needs.

Growing community

More and more young freelancers are joining us, through a network of universities, charities and other partners.  We aim to provide each freelancer with £2k of work per month, and our goal is to grow to 500 freelancers next year.  With 1m young jobseekers in the UK with £6bn of digital skills, there’s plenty of room to grow!

Revenue growth

Sales are growing, both for the commission fees we earn on each project, and for the recurring monthly subscriptions to services such as hosting and freelancer webmasters.  We project strong growth in 2017 to hit £16k/m.

Solid team

Iman is passionate about welcoming new freelancers, customers and partners to the Crowdskills community.  He draws from his previous experience running web agencies, his background in law, and his work with youth at the UN.  Marten started coding aged 11 and has built over £1m in bespoke software for clients around the world.  His experience enables us to iterate rapidly to respond to user needs.


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Iman Fadaei

Marketing & Partnerships


Marten Wetterberg

Full Stack Developer

How This Man Went From Farmer To Footballer To Tech Millionaire ow.ly/drVK30fQwaw Iman Fadaei

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